MINGDA  Rock 3
MINGDA  Rock 3
MINGDA  Rock 3
MINGDA  Rock 3
MINGDA  Rock 3
MINGDA  Rock 3
MINGDA  Rock 3


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MINGDA Rock 3 FDM 3D Printer

3D printer

Upgraded New Extruder MINGDA 3D Printer Rock 3

New Series MINGDA FDM 3D Printers---MINGDA Rock series

The first 3D printer of Rock series--- Rock 3

Compared to the D series, MINGDA Rock 3 has been updated in many ways, the biggest difference is the extruder.

We have updated the structure of the extruder, lighter and stronger, with dual gears to direct drive the filament, more efficient and more accurate printing.

Equipped with 5 group TMC2208 sensor in the mainboard, which makes it silent to print.

Dual leadscrew Z axis, more accurate printing.

With filament run out detector, safe and save your filament and time.

Also has the resume printing function.

Removable magnetic build plate, easy remove models with tool.

Larger build volume 12.6x12.6x15.75 inch(320x320x400mm) allows you can print large models you want.

direct drive

New Structure Extruder

Unlike the MINGDA D series, Rock 3 use the new structure extruder. more efficient and accurate printing.

In addition, we have updated the direct drive, it use dual gears to push the filament.



Silent Motherborad with TMC2208

Mingda Rock 3 equipped with MINGDA self-developed morther board, which base on STM32, we add 5 group TMC2208 sensor on the main board for the stepper motors, so it print silently.


dual z

Dual Lead Screw Z Axis

Double lead screw rod on Z axis

Different from others beginner printers, our 3D printer equipped with a double leasscrew Z axis to ensure more accurate and stable printing.


filament run out sensor

Filament Runout Detection

Mingda rock 3 equipped with a filament run out sensor, when the filament rou out or broken, it will automaticlly alarm and make a sound to alert, after run out the filament, the printer will automaticlly stop working.


resume printing

Resume Printing

MINGDA Rock 3 can resume printing from the last recorded extruder position after suffering unexpected power outages, so that avoid reprinting, saving time and filament.


removable build plate

Removable Magnetic Build Plate

Come with a flexible magnetic plate, adsorbed strongly on the bed for build models, after finish printing, you can easily remove the model without tool.

  • Specifications
  • Model: rock3
  • Place of Origin: CN (Place of Origin)
  • CE certification: yes
  • Consumable diameter: 1.75mm
  • Printing speed: 20-60mm/s
  • Bed temperature: 110 degrees
  • Slice thickness: 0.05mm-0.3mm Language: English Maximum printing
  • speed: 60mm/s
  • Interface type: SD
  • Color printing speed: 20-60mm/s
  • Wire: PLA/ABS/TPU/TPE/nylon, etc.
  • Slicing software: CURA, Simplify 3D, Repetier Host
  • Power supply: 220V/110V
  • Maximum working speed: 200mm/s
  • Accuracy: 0.1mm
  • Voltage: 110-220V
  • Operating system: Window 7/8/10/XP Mac, etc.
  • File format: STL, STP, STEP, G-Code, etc.
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm
  • Diameter temperature: 275 degrees
  • Automatic leveling: no maximum
  • Print size: 230*230*260mm
  • Molding technology: FDM