MINGDA The latest Magician series 3D printer have attracted many people 's attention with innovative automatic leveling technology and quality. This is a 3D printer that solves the pain points of customers, and we look forward to having more people join in and experience it together. With passion and dreams, the MINGDA team works with more 3D enthusiasts and is committed to new technologies to make differences, and can provide reliable products and 3D printing intelligent solution services to users around the world.

Magician XMagician MaxMagician Pro

FDM 3D Printer

FDM printer makes your creative idea come true faster and simpler with classical technology and our independent R & D software.

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Goldfish XPrint modelPrint modelPrint modelPrint model

SLA Printer

LCD-based SLA 3D Printer, far beyond the high precision of imagination with unbelievable price in Stereolithography 3d printing.

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