DIY 3D Santa Claus decoration for Christmas with MINGDA Magician Pro 3D Printer

DIY 3D Santa Claus decoration for Christmas with MINGDA Magician Pro 3D Printer

“Ding Dong~ Ding Dong~" 🎅Santa Claus is already on the way!!! 🎄Are you ready for Christmas? Don"t forget to hang up the sock before going to bed!

Christmas night will a fun night. 🎄MINGDA team decided to print Santa Claus especially for celebrating Christmas. Let's unlock Santa's printing process together.

Magician Series 3D Printers are perfect for Christmas when there are so many decorations, accessories, and more that can be 3D printed with Magician Series 3D Printers.

Magician Pro 3D Printer has an impressive HUGE build volume of 400*400*400mm, It can print three Santas on the bed at the same time, which greatly saves printing time. Moreover, the design of the metal base plate and the gantry bracket of the machine greatly increases the stability, ensuring that the machine will not wobble during the printing process. So Magician Pro becomes our best choice for print three Santa Claus.
Much more, as you can see from the video the quality of the finished Santa Claus are excellent.😉

After the model was printed, three members of the MINGDA team colored the three Santa Clauses respectively, DIYing their own Christmas colors. Look those are so beautiful colors Santa Clauses!

Hurry up and DIY your own Santa Claus!!!🥳

Some parament for your reference!

Printing Speed:60mm/s
Layer height:2mm
Retraction Speed:30mm/s
Printing time:11 hours

❤️Merry Christmas! Deliver all happiness, beauty, warmth, and health to MINGDA friends.