Do you want to print your own Garage Kit with MINGDA Magician Pro large 3D printer?

Do you want to print your own Garage Kit with MINGDA Magician Pro large 3D printer?

When you see this model for the first time, do you think that such a meticulous model cannot be printed with FDM 3D printer, but should be printed with a resin 3D printer?
Surprisingly, this model has already been printed with a MINGDA Magician Pro large 3D printer.

The model is from ESCANOR, a Japanese anime character. Based on this character, the design of the sun and flames is added to make the whole model more vivid and situational.
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In fact, many animation and film props are printed with FDM 3D printers. One of the great advantages of FDM 3D printers is that the printed models can be post-processed, such as sanding, painting, and coloring. Compared with resin 3D printers, it can achieve larger size and more color model restoration.

For now, more and more designers use 3D printing to play a wide range of applications in the field of animation, such as using 3D printing to print characters to make stop-motion animation; or to make model figures of animation characters, in the future It is very likely to change the animation figure industry.

Magician Pro is a new large 3D printer released by Mingda in 2022. The printing size of Magician Pro is 400*400*400mm, which is one of the few large-size desktop 3D printers on the market. Magician Pro follows the Magician X one-click smart auto-leveling technology, but on the basis of Magician X, it is upgraded from 16-point leveling to 36-point leveling. In addition, due to the large size of the Magician Pro 3D printer, in order to ensure stable printing even at a height of 400mm, the Magician Pro base plate adopts an all-metal integrated floor design, and the Z axis also uses a double Z axis and a tripod design, the whole machine is very stable and sturdy.

If you want to print your own Garage Kit, Mingda Magician Pro large 3D printer will be your best tool.