Fully-Articulated Mecha Kingkong 3D Printing and Assemble Guide

Fully-Articulated Mecha Kingkong 3D Printing and Assemble Guide

Mecha King Kong is really an amazing design. we believe that most users wanna have a try. Although it is a huge project,only if have some tips, it can also be printed and assembled at ease.

Recently we did a perfect one.We enlarged the model to 150%,the height is about 45cm.Here we’d like to share the whole printing process and some tips.

How to Slice?

Mechanical King Kong has about 80 components, although the number is large, but during the printing process, all the components do not need additional support, which means that slicing is actually not difficult, and the printed product will work well. This is an important reason why the printed surface looks so perfect.


This time we choose the Mingda Large size 3d printer Magician Pro, the printing build size up to 400*400*400mm, it allows us print the few parts in one time, and can greatly short the printing time,and we use the Mingda Normal Silver PLA.

The default configuration file of Magician Pro is Cura, so we chose Cura 5.0 as the slicing software. Since King Kong needs to be assembled and we do not plan to post-process it later, the fine details and accuracy are the most important for us. We decrease the printing speed to 30mm/s.It turns out that the surface are really smooth, to be honest a little surprise us


Here I have attached our main paramters and our profile, if you are intersted in it, welcome to have a try

Nozzle: 0.4mm
Layer: 0.2mm
Filamen: PLA
Temperature: 205°C
Speed: 30/s
Infill: 25%

How to Better Printing?

As we discussed before, thanks to the huge printing area of Magician Pro, it can allow multiple models to be printed at one time and greatly short the printing time. We can print parts of the same color together, but do not mix parts of the same color in different body parts.Because it will add a lot of work to the assembly work.

The King Kong is composed of more than 80 parts. If we mix all the accessories together, it will undoubtedly be a suicidal behavior, so after you finish printing of one part of the body, please place them separately, so that you can find them later easily.

Magician Pro is quite easy to operate due to the one-click auto leveling function and quick assembly, and the adhesion of the lattice glass is also very good. There is not much extra attention here. Just print it as Cura settings, you will get the satisfying result.

How to Assemble Quickly?

Printing is just the beginning, assembly is the real challenge.But if you are a fan of Logo.I am sure you will enjoy.

If you follow my suggestion above and collect the accessories of each part of the body separately after the printing is completed, it is actually not that difficult. According to the drawings, it can be completed in about 2-3 hours.



Use Nail Polish to tighten the joints (non anti loose) for long term use,and it is better to prepare a little extra super glue to fix some necessary parts.

Stl download here

Welcome to have a try and discuss with us.