How to make a Sunflower Clock? Functional 3D Printing at home

How to make a Sunflower Clock? Functional 3D Printing at home

When we talk about functional 3d printing parts, the most occur in our mind are storage boxes, pen holders, LED lampshades, etc. But if with a little out-of-the-box thinking, the possibilities are almost endless.

Life is not always easy, so we decided to choose a sunflower-shaped clock. The sun flower represents the light, how difficult the road ahead is, we must have a bright heart and follow the pace of the light.

Here we talk about how to make a sunflower clock? Let’s unlock the process together!

Firstly, we found a suitable 3D modeling file on the 3D model website like cults3d, minifactory or etc., and then use the Cura slicing software to slice. In the original design file, the leaves of the sunflower Clock are hollow, in order to make it more beautiful. We decided to print in 7 colors of purple, gold, orange, red, white, green, blue, which refer to: Romance, Happy, Passionate, Healthy, Hopeful, Pure, and filled half of the leaves with 6 different CURA built-in standards stuff filling.

And then can print, the diameter of the sunflower clock is about 50cm. Considering the printing size, We want to pick a large 3D printer that works out of the box, which will save the time most. So we choose the Mingda Magician Max, the build size is 320*320*400mm. Magician Max only needs 1 step assembly and features full free-leveling technology. It is really easy to operate. The printing process cost uninterrupted 40 hours and we got a good printing result.

Finally, we built the purchased movement into the dial, and then install the hour, minute and second hands in sequence and then the sunflower clock is ready to run.

Looking at the turning of the second hand,feels that time is fleeting. Hope that we all can take our dreams as horses, live up to the youth, take the dreams as driving force and direction, and do not live up to the great youth.

If you are interested in having a try, here you can download the stlfile. Enjoy the fun!