How to print Iron Man with Mingda Magician Max?

How to print Iron Man with Mingda Magician Max?

When the makers didn't believe that FDM 3D printers could print such a complex model of the Iron Man unarmored, our team decided to try it. Surprisingly, we succeeded.

The whole Iron Man model is composed of 32 small parts, and it took us about 7 days to complete the whole model, of which the printing time took 5 days, and the painting and assembly took 2 days.


Slicing is the most challenging part of printing this model. Since the slicing parameters of each model are different, there is no way to ensure that each model can be printed successfully at one time, and it will be successful after many tests. If the parameter settings are not good, the model will fail scenes such as fault, wire drawing, warping, etc. as shown in the picture.


The slicing parameters for printing this Iron Man model are as follows: layer height 0.2mm, filling 10%-20%, printing speed 60mm/s is the best, fan cooling is not required:


 2.Choose a 3D printer

The next step is to choose the printer after setting the slicing parameters. We selected Mingda Magician Max as our printer. There are several reasons why it's a good choice:

1.Magician Max can print large size models of 320*320*400mm, the maximum size requirement of our parts is 330mm, so this 3d printer can easily meet my needs.


2.Magician Max has an automatic leveling function. To be honest, there is not much expertise in 3D printing for our team, so manual leveling was very time-consuming and nerve-racking for us, but Magician Max can easily solve this problem.


3.Magician Max has a direct drive extruder module and built-in exhaust fan, which means it won't clog easily at normal room temperature. We had a tight 7-day deadline, and the reason we chose Magician Max was that it prints almost without any problems.


4.Magician Max is stabilized by a double-driven Z-axis, each driven by an independent motor, is additionally connected with a toothed belt at the upper end of the frame. This synchronizes them and stabilizes their movements even more, and prevents the frame from swinging back and forth or shaking during the printing process, which will affect the printing.


3.purchase post-processing materials
The post-processing materials we purchased include a bottle of 450g polishing liquid, 4 bottles of 165ml spray paint, a roll of textured paper, a brush, a utility knife, pliers, a box of disposable gloves, and a gas mask, etc. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying spray paint:
1.Choose the color of the paint. Since each color of the paint will have multiple models, the correct way is based on the Pantone color number to choose. The spray paints we chose are K05588007 Metallic Gold, 249128 Metallic Aluminum, 249863 Bright Cranberry, and 249863 semi-gloss white.


2.Know how to use spray paint, the use of spray paint is as follows:

     4.Start post-processing
  1. Polishing the model: the polishing liquid on the surface of the model must be applied evenly and not too much at one time.
  2. Grind the model: smooth the concave part of the model surface.
  3. Spray on the model: spray paint according to the spray painting method above.
  4. Dry the model after spraying paint and then assemble.

As you can see, this is the finished model ! ! ! The only regret of this finished model is that there are no eyes and hearts for Iron Man. The effect of this finished model is still very surprising.

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