Mingda Magician X2 Online New Product Launch Event Live Streaming was a complete success🔥

Mingda Magician X2 Online New Product Launch Event Live Streaming was a complete success🔥

Since Magician X2 was released, it has received a lot of attention from users. Based on the feedback from users, the MINGDA team specially held a Magician X2 Online New Product Launch Event. 🎥Not only introducing the Magician X2 but also answering questions for our users. Let our user friends know about Magician X2 more closely and in advance.

At the same time, in order to match the time between Europe and the United States, MINGDA also specially arranged two live streams of the release of Magician X2 to adapt to the time difference in different regions and ensure maximum radiation and reach more users.

1. Live stream theme: Mingda Magician X2 3D Printer Online New Product Launch Event

2. Live Stream time⏰
(1) Session 1: March 17th, 12:00-13:00 CET
(2) Session 2: March 17th, 21:30-22:30 EDT

3. Live Stream method: Facebook Online Live Stream

The Live Stream is mainly divided into 3 links to show and introduce Magician X2 in an all-around way.

1. Features of Magician X2
2. Magician X2 VS Magician X1
3. Software Upgrade & Print display

What are the changes in Magician X2?

1. Add point-by-point leveling, which greatly improves the accuracy of automatic leveling
2. Double Z-axis screw: cancel the Z-axis timing belt, and install photoelectric limit switches on both sides of the Z-axis.
3. The motherboard is upgraded, and the response speed is increased by 50%.
4. The extruder is upgraded to a quick-swap extruder, which simplifies the installation method.
5. Replaced with PEI steel plate
6. Increase the temperature indicator light --- monitor the nozzle temperature in real time.
7. Software upgrade and modify the print temperature can reach 300 degrees, which can print a variety of high-temperature consumables

For the difference between Magician X2 and Magician X1, the picture below shows a clearer display for you to understand.


Know more about please watch the above live steam😉