What Do the Users Tell Us About the Magician X 3D Printer Experience?

What Do the Users Tell Us About the Magician X 3D Printer Experience?

Keeping a correct distance between the nozzle and the bed of 3D printer is a key factor in accurate printing, but leveling is the most challenging for many 3d printers users, especially for the noobs. Based on this case, we launched Magician X which is built with one-touch precise auto-leveling technology and one-step installation, making it easier to print better works, more time saving-and intelligent.

After crowdfunding activity in August, our engineers upgraded the Magician X again based on the backer's suggestions and the Magician X officially launched it on Amazon in November.

Will the users willing to pay for this new coming 3 printer machine? The answer seems definite yes. After Black Friday, the inventory became a bit limited. Today Let’s take a look at what the users tell us about the #Magician X experience

 “If you want something more than just an entry-level 3D printer, you can consider this Mingda magician X. I would like to see more mid-range 3D printers like this in the market. Instead of trying to find the cheapest printer in the world, I would rather pay a little bit more for a higher quality printer with more”-Aurora tech

After testing the Magician X 3D Printer, we were impressed with the first prints and the accuracy out of the box , we feel confident to recommend this machine to anyone looking to upgrade from a budget printer or for first-timers.Take a closer look, and you’ll find the Magician X 3D Printer offers many features seen only on prosumer-level (pricier) 3D printers.”-Product design online


  ”Overall MagicianX is the EASIEST assemble and first print I have ever had, allowing printing right out of the box.”-Dragonblogger


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