3D Printed La'eeb with MINGDA Magician Max for 2022 World Cup
Hey MINGDA Fans and Football Fans,⚽️🍧🏆 It's that time again to witness the incredible spectacle of the World Cup! ! ! La'eeb : La'eeb is revealed as Qatar's FIFA World Cup™ mascot Qatar and FIFA have unveiled La’eeb as the Official Mascot for this year’s FIFA World Cup 2022™. Hereby, MINGDA Printed a La'eeb by MINGDA Magician Max 3D Printer in order to celebrate the World Cup. Magician Max has a massive build plate, it's the best choice for printing "all-in-one" medium models. In addition, the "one-touch smart auto leveling" function simplifies our printing process and greatly shortens the printing time...
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What did you 3D print for Halloween?
With Halloween around the corner, have you 3D printed some decoration for the Halloween? For anyone who want to 3D print high-quality Halloween decoration, Magician Max will be a good choice. This week, Mingda team 3D printed "Halloween Party Family"...
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