How to DIY a Bing Dwen Dwen?

How to DIY a Bing Dwen Dwen?


BEIJING, Feb. 22 -- During the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games, the mascot Bing Dwen Dwen, chubby and charmingly naïve, has gone viral among fans of the Games. But since it's so popular, it’s hard to get it.

Giving up getting it then? Never! We decided to 3d print it on our Mingda Magician X 3d printer. Here share with you some creative works of our team.

How to get it?

Step 1: Download a Bing Dwen Dwen 3D model

Since Bing Dwen Dwen's got hot at the early beginning of 2022, many digital 3D models of Bing Dwen Dwen appeared online and are free to download. Those 3D models are in various file formats, and what we downloaded was the STL format.

Step 2: Slicing the Bing Dwen Dwen 3D model

Before model printing, we need a 3D printer slicing software to do some processing on the 3D model and export the G-codel file that is readable by the 3D printer. Such a slicing software APP For Mingda Magician X 3d printer, we choose the Cura, but there are also other options like Simplify3d, Prusa and etc., All in all, use the slicer that is matching our 3D printer. Slicer’s info is always listed together with the 3D printer product info. They are easy to be downloaded and installed.

Here we give some suggestions based on our experience when slicing Bing Dwen Dwen
1. The recommended speed is set at 40-50mm/s
2. The filling can be set smaller, we set it to 5%, which will shorten the printing time
3. This model need to add the support, we advise reducing the support density, increase the distance of the support panel, which will be easier to remove the support

Step3:3D Print and Paint Bing Dwen Dwen
After We get the Bing Dwen Dwen G-code profile, we can choose the filament and then start to print it. Here We suggest choosing snow-white PLA , which will have more options to paint, and then you can color it as you like. Here share how we work on it

If you are good at modeling, that will be more interesting, you can add more interesting elements to Bing Dwen Dwen according to your own ideas and creativity, such as cute hats, skateboards, etc. Creating is always fun, welcome more people to try and join us.