MINGDA Magician X featured in Make:

MINGDA Magician X featured in Make:

Mingda auto-leveling 3d printer Magician X featured in Make: this month, Make: is one of the largest American magazines which focuses on Do It Yourself and/or Do It With Others  projects involving computers, electronics, metalworking, robotics, woodworking, and other disciplines and is considered "a central organ of the maker movement"

So how do they think of Mingda MagicianX 3d printer?Let’s have a look together!

This machine is a fine entry into the plethora of machines in this price range that have a very similar layout and design”:https://makezine.com/2022/02/18/quick-review-mingda-magician-x-3d-printer/
                                                                --Caleb Kraft

In this review article, Caleb honestly and objectively expresss his thoughts on Magician X. He stated that he liked Magician X's feature with one touch fully auto-leveling, easy installation, quiet printing, direct extruder, dual Z-axis and also expressed his personal opinion that it would be better if the Magician X could be equipped with manual leveling nuts additional and the platform could be replaced with PEI platform. Generally speaking, he think MagicianX is a fine entry into the plethora of machines in this price range that have a very similar layout and design.

Since 2019, we've been committed to the leveling technology of 3D printers. Magician X is a great leap from manual to automatic leveling, We are really grateful to the media for the attention and recognition of mingda Magician X 3d printers. Our engineers spent nearly a year developing it, which aims to solve the customer's pain point-” leveling”. We are very happy that we have succeeded and have been highly praised by the user community since its official launch. At present, our engineers are also following up on the customer's experience to continuous optimization. We are always willing to works with more 3D enthusiasts to bring new technologies to make difference, and can provide reliable products and 3D printing intelligent solution services to users around the world. Welcome more people join us and experience Magician X.